Fraudulent Etherium Brokers

Those who are interested in trading crypto can be aware that there are a number of Fraudulent Etherium Brokers that are out there. These scammers are using fake profiles, threatening to disclose information, and even sending money overseas if you don’t join their program. These scammers have been known to pretend to be celebrities, and even falsify white papers that were published by TBIS, a financial services firm that specializes in crypto.

Scammer pretends to be a celebrity

Investing with a fraudulent Etherium Brokers scammer is risky business. They may claim to be a well-known celebrity and use fake social media accounts to promote their wares. You could lose your crypto forever.

The typical giveaway scam uses fake accounts and an army of bots to snag your money. A similar but more elaborate scam went viral in July 2020.

Fraudulent Etherium Brokers scammers use fake YouTube and Instagram accounts to post their wares. They may even livestream celebrity interviews to their followers. They also use Twitter to make the most of their large following.

Among the many crypto scams, the most impressive may have to do with a fake celebrity endorsement. Besides, celebrities are not always the smartest people in the room.

Scammer directs you to send crypto by scanning a QR code

Using QR codes in unsolicited emails and mail is a common scam. These codes allow scammers to direct you to a website that steals your personal information. These scams are also used in credit card fraud.

The FBI issued an alert about the growing use of QR codes. They advise consumers to avoid clicking on links in unsolicited emails and mail. If you think you’ve been victimized, contact the local FBI field office.

Scammers are using QR codes to direct you to a fraudulent website, or to a crypto ATM. This scam is known as a “fake investment opportunity.” The scam takes place on social media and dating sites. The scammer claims to be an employee of a legitimate company, with an official logo and badge numbers. They also offer unrealistic returns and little risk.

Scammer threatens to make it public

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Scammer falsified TBIS white papers

TBIS, a company in the crypto space, was the victim of a scammer who falsified aspects of the TBIS white papers. The sleazy scheme reportedly involved blending ICO investors’ funds with his own money. He also used the offering proceeds for things unrelated to TBIS, such as credit card payments and Hawaii condominium bills.

The company’s bogus white papers also allegedly included a bogus e-mail, which was subsequently sent to TBIS’s clients, supposedly announcing the upcoming token sale. It is rumored that TBIS is currently negotiating a deal to compensate its investors for their losses. Although TBIS has not yet confirmed the deal, it has publicly apologized for its misdeeds and promised to review and update its marketing materials.

Scammer threatens to send money overseas

Several people have been scammed by a scammer who supposedly has a job at the U.S. Embassy or is a member of the U.S. military. They have asked the victims to send money for visas, travel, or other purposes. These individuals then ask the victims to send the money to an account in Nigeria. If the money is not sent to the account they ask for, it will be lost. This is why it is important to be careful when sending money or giving out personal information.

When sending money to a person that you do not know, it is important to use the services of your local police department. You should also be careful when reporting suspicious activity.